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“Products” – “Add Product”

Add Product

Insert “Categories”, “Product name”

****Mustard Seed also include the location of item within product name*****

i.e. “Kellogg’s Muslix Apple Crisp (3D3&4A3)”

Name and category

“General” – Insert “Minimum quantity” (“1” usually), “Maximum quantity”

***** Maximum quantity is determined by factors including the total number of agencies, the number of units available, best before date******

i.e. If there are 30 units available and 15 agencies, 30/15=2 units max.

It is better to underestimate than overestimate so every agency has a chance to get some and the ones who need more can always order again in the future.


“Inventory” – Check “Enable stock management at product level”, insert “Stock Quantity” (Total number of units available)


Insert “Product Short Description”, “Product Image” (Main picture of product: best representation of one unit) , and “Product Gallery” (Additional pictures – not mandatory)

Description and images

“Product Short Description” must include:

  • Brand and Details
  • Details of Unit of Order
  • Specific Diet
  • Best Before Date
  • Food Banks Canada’s Recommended Distribution After Best Before Date (Refer to


Peanut Butter Granola Bar

One unit = 4 boxes X 15 bars

*Gluten free

*Dairy Free



Best Before: September 2015

Food Banks Canada Guideline for Distributing Food: up to one year past the best before date

Click “Publish”


To retrieve the order, under “WooCommerce” – “Orders” click the “Packing Slip” icon.


When order is completed, under “WooCommerce” – “Orders” click the check mark for the order to mark that it has been completed.

Complete order


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