Provider Manual

Back-End Manual: Provider

Register as a Provider or Log in


“Products” – “Add Product”

Add Product

Insert “Categories”, “Product name”

****Mustard Seed also include the location of item within product name*****

i.e. “Kellogg’s Muslix Apple Crisp (3D3&4A3)”

Name and category

“General” – Insert “Minimum quantity” (“1” usually), “Maximum quantity”

***** Maximum quantity is determined by factors including the total number of agencies, the number of units available, best before date******

i.e. If there are 30 units available and 15 agencies, 30/15=2 units max.

It is better to underestimate than overestimate so every agency has a chance to get some and the ones who need more can always order again in the future.


“Inventory” – Check “Enable stock management at product level”, insert “Stock Quantity” (Total number of units available)


Insert “Product Short Description”, “Product Image” (Main picture of product: best representation of one unit) , and “Product Gallery” (Additional pictures – not mandatory)

Description and images

“Product Short Description” must include:

  • Brand and Details
  • Details of Unit of Order
  • Specific Diet
  • Best Before Date
  • Food Banks Canada’s Recommended Distribution After Best Before Date (Refer to


Peanut Butter Granola Bar

One unit = 4 boxes X 15 bars

*Gluten free

*Dairy Free



Best Before: September 2015

Food Banks Canada Guideline for Distributing Food: up to one year past the best before date

Click “Publish”


To retrieve the order, under “WooCommerce” – “Orders” click the “Packing Slip” icon.


When order is completed, under “WooCommerce” – “Orders” click the check mark for the order to mark that it has been completed.

Complete order


Recipient Manual

Front-End Manual: Recipient

Register as a Recipient or Log in


“Shop” and click on the desired item


Confirm unit of order, input number of units desired and “Add to Cart”

Add to cart

Return to “Shop” and continue shopping or if finished shopping, click “View Cart”

view cart when finished

Review order and click “Proceed to Checkout” if all is correct


Specify “Pickup Day” and “Pickup Time” then “Place Order”

date and order

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